Club Fees

Red Rock Club Fees 2017-2018

What IS included in the Club Fee
Experienced On-Court Coaching and Training for your daughter

3 practices per week except on weekend tournaments

6+ months of volleyball training

Experienced Off-Court Coaching and Player Reviews

College Recruiting Resources
College Recruiting Staff & Assistance
College Coach Recruiting Connections

Court and Facility Fees
Entry Fees for Power League, Qualifiers, and Junior Nationals

Players' Uniform: Nike Jerseys (2), Jacket, Pants, Spandex (2), T-shirts (4), Backpack

Coaches' salaries, Coaches' hotel, Coaches' airfare, coaches' Per Diem (including Junior Nationals), Coaches' worker comp & liability insurance, coaches' membership & background check, coaches' equipment and clothing.

What's NOT included in the Club Fees
Player NCVA Membership, equipment (Shoes, Knee Pads, Ankle Braces), Player/Family Hotel & Airfare, player Ground Transportation, parent spirit wear, and players' insurance, additional tournaments not posted on original tournament schedule.

Club Fees by Team Size
We allow our coaches to field a team roster size between 10 and 13 players.  Club fees are based on team roster size due to fixed costs such as coaching salaries, gym rental, hotels, airfare, tournament fees, per diem, insurance, etc...   
Click on links below for club fees by team roster size

Club Fee Details
Red Rock Volleyball offers two payment options for paying your club fees. 
 Option # 1 - Discount Price "Pay in Full"
Red Rock offers a discount if you make full payment for both regular and post season fees on Monday, November 13, 2017.  
We accept cash, ACH/E-check, and credit cards if you pay in full.
Option # 2 - Standard Price with "Payment Plan"
The Standard Price with "Payment Plan" is $300 more than the "Pay in Full Discounted Price" and allows you to spread out both your regular and post season payments. The Standard Price with Payment Plan are withdrawn on the following dates:
Payment # 1: 11/13/17
 40% of club fees (regular & post season)
Payment # 2: 12/31/17
 30% of club fees (regular & post season) 
Payment # 3: 01/31/18
 30% of club fees (regular & post season)
For Standard Price with Payment Plan, we only accept ACH & credit cards.

Making Payment with Credit Cards
Regardless of which plan you choose, making a payment by credit card for either the "Discount Price - Pay in Full" option or "Standard Price with Payment Plan" option, BluePay Systems, Inc. charges an additional 3.5% convenience fee.  You can avoid the convenience fees by making payment using ACH/E-check rather than a credit card.

Post Season
Post Season fees are collected at the same time as the regular season fees and will be refunded if a team does not qualify for Junior Nationals.  If your daughter decides not to attend Junior Nationals with her qualified team for any reason, no refund will be provided.
Full Commitment
Players and families are making a commitment for the full duration of the regular season and full duration of the post-season, and any decision to leave the team early for any reason does not release a family from their responsibility for full payment of club fees listed above. Families are liable for the full amount of the club fees regardless of tournament play time, player injury, player illness, and non-participation. No refunds or discounts will be given.
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