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Welcome Information Summary
Welcome to Red Rock Volleyball Club!  Thank you for the opportunity to coach your player during the upcoming volleyball season.  Red Rock has been working diligently on a training plan and tournament schedule for the teams this year.  Whether you are a new family or a returning family to our club, our goal is to communicate pertinent information starting with this A-Z guide so you have resources at your fingertips throughout the season. 

ACH is the preferred method of payment. Automatic payment dates are 11/14/16, 1/4/17 and 4/1/17 if applicable.   For accounting questions contact:

Red Rock power team players are provided: 3 jerseys, 2 practice shirts, 1 tec-fleece shirt, 2 spandex, 1 nike jacket, 1 nike pant, and 1 backpack.  Rock Premier team players are provided: 2 jerseys, 2 practice shirts, 2 spandex, 1 nike jacket, 1 nike pant, and 1 backpack.  Players are required to bring all their jerseys to every tournament. These items are not replaceable, please handle with care.  For questions on clothing contact:

Red Rock recognizes that many of our athletes would like to extend their volleyball career beyond high school and junior club volleyball and play through college. We take great pride in helping our players achieve those goals. We will be sending information at the end of November with details on a December college recruiting workshop.

Communication will be key.  Make sure your coach knows how best to contact your player in the event of schedule changes, tournament information, etc...  If you have any questions or issues please contact your coach first and the Red Rock club directors second.

Your player will be responsible for officiating matches. This includes score sheet, line judging, R2 assignments, flip score, and libero tracker. This responsibility is important and requires attention to detail and fairness. Please do not approach your player or try to get their attention when they have a ref assignment. 

League schedules, parent information, rules and tournament links can be found either:

Dave Huan and Marietta Flynn Huan design, implement, and run the positional & skill training for Red Rock Volleyball Club. This training is optional for Red Rock power players only and gives them the extra edge to help them during the indoor club season.  The training is split into two specific categories, by position and by skill. Positional training helps our players thrive at their position such as outside, middle, right-side, setter, or libero. Skill training energizes our players and works specifically on the components of hitting, passing, setting, digging, blocking, and serving.  Each session runs for 1 or 2 hours.  After the Red Rock Teams are formed, a schedule is emailed to our families regarding dates and times of the training.

We enjoy hearing about your fun volleyball experiences as players and parents.  We try our best to reach out to every team and get pictures and stories but also need your help.  Submit your pictures and upload a story to tell about a tournament, team bonding event etc. Approved submissions are posted on our social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and featured in our newsletter.

Red Rock knows many families are very busy and have constraints getting their kids to after school activities. ZUM is a professional ride sharing and carpooling service that has partnered with the SportsHouse.  If you are busy at work and need to get your daughter to volleyball practice, ZUM can help. They provides independent riding options and also carpooling options.  You can pre-schedule drop off and pickups in advance. All drives are background checked. ZUM covers the entire bay area.  ZUM website:

Additional conditioning is optional but highly recommended.  We believe strength and conditioning is important for our players.  We offer both on-site and off-site programs.  Many of our players live locally and can drop into our conditioning program at the SportsHouse.  Likewise, Red Rock does have a strong following and draws many families from around the Bay Area.  For these players we offer off-site conditioning with our professional training partners. 
For strength & conditioning visit:

Tournament participation varies by team.  Some tournaments have hotel requirements in order for teams to be eligible for participation.  These stipulations are not controlled by Red Rock. Tournament schedules require players to be well rested and prepared.  Adequate sleep, healthy meals and discipline are key influences on the team’s performance.

Travel and transportation is not included in your club fees. You are encouraged to plan ahead and make your preferred arrangements except when the tournament has a “stay and play” requirement. 
We make an effort to block rooms and airfare for some tournaments.  All hotel rooms and airfare are sold at cost and are a great deal when purchased through Red Rock.  On that note, everything usually sell out in 48 hours so plan ahead.   We will communicate by e-mail when the Red Rock travel webpage opens up for bookings which is usually around December 1st.  For additional travel matters contact:

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